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Bollinger’i rosé champagne on algselt ja ennekõike La Grande Année, mida valmistatakse vaid erakordsetel saagiaastatel, ideaalse küpsuse ja sobivaima happesuse-magususe tasakaaluga viinamarjadest. La Grande Année Rosé on oma olemuselt segu aastakäigu champagne’st ja väikesest kogusest punasest Coteaux Champenois AC veinist La Cote aux Enfants.

La Grande Année Rosé 2014 on valmistatud 63% Pinot Noir ja 37% Chardonnay viinamarjadest, 19-st erinevast “cru” viinamarjaaiast Champagne piirkonnast, nendest 80% “grand cru” ja 20% “premiers cru” aedadest Ay, Bouzy, Louvois, Verzenay, Mareuil-sur-Ay, Mesnil s/Oger, Oger, Cuis, Cramant ja Chouilly külakeste ümbrusest. La Grande Année esmane käärimisprotsess toimub 205, 225 ja 410 liitri suurustes vanades tammevaatides, mis on 5 ja enam aastat vanad. Kõik viinamarjasordid ja eri viinamarjaaiad kääritatakse eraldi. Punase veini osa lõplikust segust on loodud 100% Pinot Noir viinamarjadest, mis pärinevad väikesest, vaid 1 hektari suurusest La Cote aux Enfants üksikviinamarjaaiast Ay külakeses.

Segu moodustatakse proportsioonis 95% Grande Année’d ja 5% Coteaux Champenois punaveini. Veini küpsemisperiood pärmisettel kestab 5-6 aastat, pudelid kinnitatakse sel perioodil ajutiste “seenkorkidega”. Pärmisette dégorgé toimub käsitsi ja veinile lisatakse dosage 8 grammi liitri kohta ning kinnitatakse seenkorkide ja traatvõrestikega.

La Grande Année Rosé on sügava värvuse ja rikkaliku aroomiga, suurepärane struktuur, meeldivalt täidlane, jõuline, hea küpsusega, puuviljaline, ümar ja rikkalik. Serveerida 8 – 10 kraadi juures.

Antonio Galloni 98 p
Tyson Stelzer 97 p
Wine Advocate 96 p

“The 2014 Rosé La Grande Année is airy, gracious and full of energy. Crushed rocks, white pepper, red berry, mint and blood orange lend striking aromatic intensity and presence. Finely cut and taut, the Rosé is a nervy Champagne that needs time to come together. The Rosé is blended from a base of the Blanc plus 5% still red Pinot from Bollinger’s Coteaux des Enfants vineyard in Aÿ. Perhaps because of its later disgorgement vis-à-vis the Blanc, the Rosé is a bit tight today. Disgorged: August, 2021. Dosage: 8 grams per liter.” Antonio Galloni 98 points

“63% pinot noir, 37% chardonnay from 19 crus, mainly Aÿ and Verzenay for pinot noir and Chouilly and Oiry for chardonnay; 80% grand crus and 20% premier crus; 5% red wine from La Côte aux Enfants; fermented and aged entirely in oak barrels of around 20 years of age; tiraged under cork; riddled and disgorged by hand; 8g/L dosage; disgorged August 2021. While the recipe may look remarkably similar on paper, I love the idiosyncratic distinctiveness of LGA Rosé, alongside its white sibling. Pinot noir takes a more emphatic and confident lead here, telling the story of its journey through the 2014 harvest in intricate, page by page detail. A cool summer is portrayed vividly in red fruit detail of pristine red cherries, perfect strawberries, juicy raspberries, even a hint of Turkish delight, very much the mood of the elegant slopes of Verzenay and Aÿ. Perfect ripeness and an alluring fruit core tell the tale of a sunny harvest. Bollinger’s wizardry with red wine is on full display here, a monumental feat after a cool summer, magnificent testimony to La Côte aux Enfants; a tiny 5% is all it calls for to amplify its red fruits without adding a molecule of perceptible tannin grip. A glorious, medium salmon copper hue is but a consequence, reinforcing its storyline of brightness and radiance, to a breathtaking subplot of perfectly ripe yet vibrant acidity that holds all the way to the final chapter. A deep stirring of spice, dried plum and subtle patisserie signs Bollinger, yet with greater restraint than those before it. Crystalline, salty chalk minerality leaves the final impression, confirming the most dashingly refined LGA Rosé I can recall.” Tyson Stelzer 97 points

“Disgorged with eight grams per liter dosage, Bollinger’s 2014 Brut La Grande Année Rosé wafts from the glass with aromas of tangerine oil, red berries, warm biscuits and English walnuts. Full-bodied, fleshy and enveloping, it’s a broad, vinous Champagne, with a deep core of fruit and racy acids, complemented by a delicate pinpoint mousse and concluding with delicate and enlivening phenolic grip on the finish. Drink 2021-2045.” Wine Advocate 96 points