Blossoming Auld Sherried, Single Malt Whisky, Michel Couvreur 70cl (Puidust kinkekarbis)






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“Paradigm of Michel Couvreur Whiskies. A replica of the great malts of the Victorian era. Unforgettable roundness and power, a freshness that only barley holds the secret. The style of a Grand Bas Armagnac. Reduced to 45% alcohol with Scottish water.” 

“Single cask, the bottling comes only from a barrel without blending. Originally, the spirit is rich and smooth but marked by a balanced and fine character. When mature, its natural alcohol content is 51% alc./vol. and is reduced very slightly to 45% when bottled with Scottish water. Dark amber colour with purple highlights. Floral, vanilla and stewed fruit aromas of Jerez wine. Full-bodied, silky, very smooth, powerful and long on the palate. A wonderful example of a whisky matured only in fresh Pedro Ximenez wine casks: it represents the balance between the sweetness and the herbaceous freshness that only barley can give: it can be drunk as a digestive, chilled, on its own, as a warm companion for a winter evening. Age is not required as it is secondary (numerical) to the quality. Blossoming, derived from Blossom, means flourishing. Auld is the old spelling of ‘old’. Surprising because beyond all the “whisky” characteristics, the maturation in casks, saturated with wine, brings the complexity and richness of the great spirits which evolve during tasting in glass: its relative youth marked by its vivacity and its nervousness tempers its roundness.” 

“Opens with the aroma of maple syrup pancakes, giving way to rich black cherries, cloves, bread-and-butter pudding and treacle. Apple blossom and roast pork hints sneak in, too. A warm, velvety and opulent mouthfeel with notes of Christmas cake, raisin, cinnamon stick and dried orange peel. Finish is long, rich and intense – the Christmas cake continues, with vanilla custard bringing a lighter sweetness in at the very end. A triumphant Sherry bomb single malt.”

“This is Couvreur’s iconic whisky, the replica of the great malts of the Victorian era, a warm and honeyed single malt that will be appreciated particularly well as a digestive. An intense whisky, aged for 15 years in Pedro Ximenez wine barrels. Very old barrels well impregnated with wine are used for its maturation. It is bottled slightly diluted with water that also comes from Scotland.”