ABC de Christian Drouin, Apéritif a Base de Calvados 70cl






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“For three generations, the Drouin family has been passionate about cider apples, which they transform in several ways, through ranges of cider, Pommeau, Calvados and even Gin. Inspired by French knowledge of vermouth production, Guillaume Drouin is looking for ways to transfer these production methods to the world of apples in the production of a new aperitif. After more than 5 years of experimentation and research, synthesizing the production methods of Pommeau de Normandie and those of Vermouth, he created the ABC, an Aperitif based on Calvados. The art of ABC production combines the maturation of an apple must with a young calvados, its aging in oak barrels, and its aromatization with a bouquet of 7 aromatic herbs and spices, such as Quinquina, Mugwort, Cinnamon, Orange, Elderflower and Yuzu. Christian Drouin’s ABC offers an intense bouquet of flavors, mixing aromas of apple and spices. It’s rich aroma and smooth, intense character make it the perfect aperitif a la Francaises. Enjoy chilled or in a cocktail.”