Pale Single Single, Floral Malt Whisky, Michel Couvreur 70cl (Kartongist kinkekarbis)






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“Different whisky than Michel Couvreur used to make, Sherry cask influence is more discreet and Fino casks make this whisky iodine and floral. The Pale Single is a lighter style of whisky, in a very different style than Michel Couvreur’s other expressions. This bottling of the Pale Single Single was aged more than 12 years in Fino Sherry and old whisky casks. It begins its life in the middle humidity part of the cellar before a final 3 years in the most humid part of the cellar. This reduces the original fill strength of 70% to at least 56%, a huge reduction in a relatively short period of time. Before bottling Couvreur slowly reduces to a drinking proof of 45%.”

“Fruity and floral bouquet with a lingering note of toasted almonds and savory richness. Nervous, fruity and slightly iodised, but free from wood astringency, subtle and long in the mouth. Needs time to open, it’s delicate elegance has to be relished. An appearance of fragility behind a fabulous length. Good companion with cheeses like Epoisses.”

“This one is a single malt, single barrel, aged for 12 years. There is a transparent, refreshing purity that brings to mind a salty, ocean breeze. It’s got ethereal elegance but there is an engaging sweetness on the palate. Overall a study in graceful balance, this is a delicious and satisfying whisky for the mind and the soul.”