Overaged, Malt Whisky, Michel Couvreur 70cl (Kartongist kinkekarbis)






Tootekood: 1649A Kategooria:



“A blend of whiskies aged for more than 12 years in oak casks, amber beige in colour. The scent of dried flowers, blond tobacco, sherry wine and fat almonds. Unfiltered, it is fruity, powerful and long on the palate. Served on the rocks, it is the best companion to smoked salmon. It can also be served as a digestif (chambré or frappé) but in a balloon glass.”

“Overaged Malt Whiskey by Michel Couvreur was born from a blend of single malt whiskeys, aged 12 to 25 years, aged in Pedro Ximenez barrels. The “young” single malts bring a lively and peaty character, the more mature bring roundness and complexity. The assembly finished, the Overaged aged in Pedro Ximenez’s fresh barrel, in a moderately humid cellar, which gives it cohesion and softness. It is then reduced to 43% with pure Scottish water.” 

“The nose starts with toasted wood, which brings its share of spices with cumin. A beautiful floral note then arrives accompanied by peat. The latter drags in its wake a note of tobacco which occurs just after the raisins bring a little fruitiness. On the palate, we find the very oily and syrupy texture usual for Couvreurs. We find the wood and its spices entry. It is more fruity than the nose with still raisins but also plums and a discreet hint of oranges. The peat smoke is then recalled to our fond memories with a touch of honey. The finish is long, on peat, pepper and cocoa.”